Global specialist: Coatings for wood panels
Global specialist: Coatings for wood panels

Product range

Backings – coatings for backside and interiors of furniture

Plain colors and decorative prints directly on MDF protect and decorate efficiently the backsides of furniture. While outside of Europe, often various other substrates (such as hardboard or plywood) are used and often foils are used for decorative purposes, the European industry has decided to use paint (and, most of the time: Oskar Nolte paint) as a method of choice. Extensive analysis has shown that paint offers the most economical method for such purposes and also offers a higher degree of flexibility than any alternative. A endless choice of colors and decorative designs, fast development of new looks as well as low set-up costs for color changes and no minimum batch size requirements made Oskar Nolte the global market leader in this application area.

Doors and decks

Systems for the industrial roller application of paint on interior doors and decks need to comply with specific industrial norms. We offer primers as a preparation of doors for further individual (spray) painting as well as full homogenous surfaces for doors. This includes products with a special „Touch and Feel“ - as well as nature-like simulations of wood grains in very cost-efficient matter. Of course, all products are suitable for further processing steps (pressing).

Furniture and Kitchen Fronts

When customers look for high flexibility and low overall cost, roller application of coatings is the method of choice. Our customers are – or deliver to - the world’s largest furniture manufacturers. We tailor-make coating systems for their needs – analysing the requirements for our products first. A supplier to the Indian kitchen industry is likely to have quite different demands from a romanian manufacturer of beds…

Yes, we do have „Standard White“ – but even there we manage to show innovations. And, of course, we offer all the other colors. And printed designs – from wood-like styles on to textile-looks and even ornamented fantasy decoration. Then there are variations of the gloss level. Our market leading Oskar Nolte MELACOAT system offers mirror-like High-Gloss surfaces. And even the opposite – ultra matte – is on offer.

Specialities (Whiteboard)

Good ‘ole blackboard (for which we do provide paint as well) as we know it from our school days is on the way out. It is replaced by „Whiteboards“ for use with marker pens. We offer paint to turn MDF raw boards into Whiteboards.


We provide paints for panels. To be used on walls and ceilings, these panels have smooth or profiled surface geometries.


… is the focus area of our sister company Klumpp Coatings ( While pioneering and redefining state-of-the-art systems for Parquet, Klumpp has ventured into coatings for innovative and demanding substrates and applications. A demanding substrate like natural wood with all its nature-given variations requires strong innovative spirits. This also let Klumpp to become global market leader for Digital Printing for Flooring. The offer is completed with paint systems for engineered wood and specialised products to protect the edges of boards (micro bevel).

Foil Coatings

Foil Coatings are technologically advanced products to be applied on paper- and plastic-substrates. After application, heat, light or electron beams cure the coatings layer. This adds value to foils and preimpregnates and ends up at furniture or door producers. Complementing applications on flat panels and boards, also coatings for edge bands on PP, ABS etc. have been introduced for years.